Wikipedia is revisionism: the golden ratio

While doing research for a new video I was horrified, though not surprised, to see Wikipedia de-Euro-centrifying (I am not averse to inventing words) their summary of the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio being the sacred geometry, the underpinning premise of a great deal of traditional Western art, pretty much all of it in fact.
Also known as the golden mean, divine proportion, divine section, or in Latin sectio aurea or sectio divina.

You can learn more about the Golden Mean from this brief Disney video – from their pre-Eisner, undegenerate years.

Indeed that video has more valuable information than you are likely to get in several years of worthless Modernist college-level art education. The golden ratio was first recorded as a phenomenon, studied to the point of worship, and written of extensively by the ancient Greeks. Yet in our online record, the propagandizing Wikipedia, the founders of the ratio become little more than a footnote, to be questioned and criticized at that. Most telling is the section on architecture, of which the Greeks are mentioned only so long as to suggest they didn’t use the ratio at all, with the amazing concluding sentence:

‘… one researcher has concluded that the golden ratio was totally absent from Greek architecture of the classical fifth century BC, and almost absent during the following six centuries’

One researcher? And who is this one researcher that his opinion should close the footnote on one of the most important art principles and its founders?

If it weren’t for Pythagoras, Euclid, Phidias we would not even have the golden ratio, yet we allow our Western-hating Marxist academics to rewrite them out of the official record. What is worse, almost the entirety of the architecture section (six of the seven paragraphs) skips over thousands of years of Western architectural history to focus extensively and fawningly on Corbusier, the drab brutalist Modernist who gave us our now commonplace and soul-crushing concrete block architecture style. And from there some approving speculation that some ancient mosques may have used the golden ratio. Again, the collusion of ugly Modernism and art-destroying Islam. Where Modernists failed to make a complete burning pyre of the entirety of Western art and civilization, they are hoping their pet Islamists may succeed.

It seems every day brings a new indignity with these cultural parasites. Here is the Wikipedia entry in question.

The golden ratio is a very important subject in art and art education, not to be trifled with or taken lightly. I don’t know what leftists are allowed the editing rights to Wikipedia, to slander classical Greece in favour of a talentless subversive like Corbusier, but if anything can be done about this it should. Not just objective history, but respect for our past, and for real art, and varying opinions in art, outside the nonsensical Modernist mindset, are as crucial to a return to sanity as any other aspect of the struggle against Cultural Marxism.

behold the eternal genius of Corbusier.

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