There is no longer a need for art education

There is no point in teaching art in the age of Modernism. Modernism, a philosophy of anti-art, has successfully supplanted and nearly destroyed all living traditional arts. Modernism requires no teaching because it has no discipline, and controls its own criticism. Sort of like punk rock without a staid establishment to rebel against, and without having any substance, it has shot it’s load.

Modernism did require intense schooling, of the usual cultural Marxist focus, while traditional art still required dismantling in public discourse and academia. Not intense in the sense that it had any intellectual rigor, but intensity of brainwashing and devotion to entropy values. But not now. Their their victory is complete, they have negated any need for art to be taught at all, at any level, since according to them it is nothing more than ‘pure expression’ and not requiring any objective skill.

And so our various art schools are nothing more than a kind of hangover or habit. They are as purposeless as Modernist art itself, a trap for student loan collectors and art curator money launderers. It has all become a phantom, it is a ghost of a good thing, a hamster wheel we can’t get off.