The New Traditions

The term is one that is brought forth to solidify our commitment not just to our ideals but it gives voice to our dedication towards an ideal that has been passed down from generation to generation, an unbroken chain that has involved not just us but each and every one of our ancestors. Their legacy lies within us, for many Traditionalism isn’t simply ‘resisting change or espousing an unwillingness to develop’ traditions are the continuation of a grand ideal. Because we do not simply have an obligation to ourselves to improve ourselves, no, our burden is much heavier, we carry with us the accumulated spirit of our ancestors and our descendants yet to be born. Traditionalism was never an easy path for one to follow, but for those who do follow it. It is more rewarding that any paltry moment of empty, nauseating and self-aggrandising herd mentality espoused by those who support the far-left.

But what does it mean to be a traditionalist, that concept is an ideal yes, but what does it truly mean. Do it mean that we don’t want to let people have their rights? Not in the least.

Do we want to revoke the developments done in the last few years in regards to medical achievements? Heaven’s no.

What I have seen in myself, is that traditionalism is of having a morals and ideals, with the focus of bettering not just oneself but the society positively. Our society has fallen from grace, we are all so obsessed with the newest technology or the best new single that is going to drop we hardly have time for the more important things, community, faith and nature.

These are what are important, not self-hatred or mental flagellation. These three concepts are central to the philosophy of life the holy trinity of existence to finding traditionalism and intertwine themselves through our ancestor’s lives and in ours. Through community you solidify the physical foundations of our people, providing them with space to embrace not only nature but truth through sweat and toil. There is nothing wrong with us uniting and pulling together, it eliminated the worse aspects of simply focussing on oneself instead of helping your fellow man.

Faith because we do not focus selfishly and obsessively over ourselves, individuality is important in development but it should not subsume everything else, through faith one discovers one’s place in the eternal hierarchy of the cosmos, and truth which we have been denied for so long. Our faith must be unshakable, we see how much a faith is worth when it sways like the wind in order to please the masses.

Through our worship to a greater power, we are not only imbued with a spiritual font of wellness but a renew sense of devotion to our people. Our God is that of the West; pure, strong and glorious like the Sun. On occasions we may lose sight of it as it descends past the horizon but surely we know that it will rise again, bringing with it our ascension.

Finally, the most important of all, nature. Nature is our fortress and sanctuary. I combines community and faith, forming the trinity of traditionalism. We are more aware of nature because we see the beauty in it, and we respect the environment that not only gave our forbearers life but allowed them to become part of nature. The spirit of our traditions lies within nature, eternal and larger than life like the mighty oak tree.

Traditionalism is something greater than oneself, it is not about hate or discrimination. It is about loving your culture and people, the great feats and glories it has achieved. It is about wanting to ensure its continued survival so that this gift we have found can be bequeathed unto our descendants, so they too may gaze upon our civilisation of the West in all its glory, feeling no horror in their hearts but joy. Knowing that we took a stand for what we believed and won.