Nature is the guide for everything

Nature inspires true art.

Not just visually but technically, and spiritually, through equations such as the golden mean. The beautiful fractal complexity which Europeans mimicked so well, for so long, in their art and architecture, which is the same seen in folded leaves and snowflakes. That refraction of the grand mystery, and the awe and worship and desire it inspires.

Modernism and modern living have rarefied the tarmac’d misery of a life that does not know nature, and has lost touch with her beauty or harshness. No respect for her mathematical commandments, her inevitability of purpose, her gifts to the bold. Before Modernism we had the skills and knowledge, to honour nature through emulation – with complex, man-made symmetry. Entire cities that re-purposed root-Euclidian proportion into functional cultural motif. We still have much of that knowledge, but are prevented from practicing our art due to being trapped in a particularly perilous decline stage of our cycle, and the rule of the fourth estate.

However I believe the Modernist world is already over, and when they are finally exposed and dethroned there will be a return to natural order in art. But until then, juvenile sycophants that they are, they will fight to have historic art and it’s principles bulldozed and forgotten. Nature and beauty are at odds with their bland, egalitarian strip-mall-world.

Complexity, geometry, sacred symbolism, order, naturalism, and truth in beauty will be the hallmarks of our return to form. Remember, Modernism is an imposition, it is false, and can not exist alongside true art as they are opposing worldviews, competing for life or death.