National Trust – now in the hands of cretins

News from the front in Britain.

The institution created to care for the aesthetic and cultural inheritance left by our forefathers – The National Trust – is now in the hands of utter cretins. The rot set in some years ago when the institution was infiltrated by Lefty Metrosexual board members and directors determined to mangle it into a money making machine specialising in servicing an infantilist family day out. The rot has worsened, and now we have ‘bean-bags’ amongst the classical grandeur.


Appalling, and depressingly familiar. The latest incumbent is a ‘Dame’ with the usual frigid, tight little haircut, denoting that she means business when it comes to those pesky notions of cultural heirarchy.


Dame Helen Ghosh, director general of the National Trust, exuding the confidence reserved for half-wits.