The Magazine Rack as Indicative of Culture

Yes, that effeminate emporium of horror, the magazine rack. How this evil whore of commerce has morphed over the years since I was a youngster. How perfectly indicative of wider culture this worthless pink trinket proves itself. This cheap, gynocentric altar to superficial and feeble vulgarity.

We see them in our daily journeys, whether we pay them attention or not. You pass them by, your eye catches some glib colourful image, you might pause momentarily to examine the selection, and you feel instantly like slitting your wrists. Gleaming teeth, quaffs, cheap alluring sexual innuendo, if you’re really lucky some kind of Ellen-level social justice. Over the years of me generally paying them no attention, but nonetheless seeing them, I have noticed how they reflect the expanding hopelessness of our culture. All pretense of education, art or integrity has been dropped, nothing remains but a committed narcissism. Where once they did at least have magazines for men, now they are virtually all aimed at women, the shopping habits of women being the workhorse of corporatism.

When I was young, magazines were the same impulse-buy distraction, however you would at least see more balance represented, in terms of gender target audience. And more importantly, you’d see magazine aimed at men of imagination: well made science fiction stories, weird tales, horror stories, heavy metal magazine, comics, men’s adventure and war stories. Material not only of interest but of value to a thinking man, and not just, as we see now among the few remaining men’s publications, sportsball, cars, and maybe liberal tranny propaganda like GQ (a womens magazine for ‘men’). There is nothing at all for young men of imagination. Moreover, as time goes on, magazine vendor’s can’t even be bothered with the inane sportsball, and instead present a fireball extravaganza of pointless gossip,celebrity news, and apocalyptic social hen-pecking innuendo.

omni metal weird
Those young men of imagination have retreated and vanished from society exactly as the magazines aimed at entertaining them have vanished from the market stands. They were once a prominent force in culture, now shunned, hidden, and dying out. These abandoned creative men are the very people who created and shaped the civilization we are currently tearing to pieces.

Women and liberals and golf enthusiasts who did not understand or appreciate the importance of imaginative entertainment for creative men, gradually mocked and pushed out that which was not intended for them and which they are incapable of understanding. The market magazine stand being merely an example of something that has happened across all media platforms, as part of our ongoing perverse reversal of values and ever cheapening conformism.

The mass culture has become the death culture. Those that will not break away from it will be making themselves into freaks and monsters before our eyes.