Glasgow gets blight

Historic Glasgow is to be blighted by a Modernist ‘learning hub’ in expensive testimony to our uselessness.

What kind of learning does Glasgow University intend to offer, what message are they giving in this statement to tastelessness? Yet another drab, meaningless, ho-hum, concrete and glass box, a monstrous flipping off to the rest of historic Glasgow.

As if to say, once more, that we hate our past and ourselves and remain committed to an ugly future. We are nothing, we reformed ourselves and discarded anything that reminds us of our pre-1960’s roots; we are faceless, sexless, raceless consumers in a materialist world and we will teach you absolutely nothing at this university other than how to be a good Marxist and aid in declining your culture without too much fuss.

ONE BILLION is the cost – how much of that goes to the progressive mediocrity that ‘designed’ this ‘learning hub’? This could be a shopping center. Was soviet architecture even this monotonously, soul-crushingly boring? They don’t even try to pretend they are being ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ anymore with their Modernism, we have seen this exact same crap a million times. It just says: we want to be awful.

This is what the historic part of the university looks like.

Glasgow University

Anyone sense the difference in root philosophy and approach to architecture? To life itself? Which seems healthier? How many fingers am I holding up?