Framing: the other lost art

Painting is the default creative art. There are arguably more important disciplines (practically), such as architecture, but painting and drawing are a root artistic compulsion.

When we think of an artist we think of a painter. And as traditionalists we lament another craft all but lost to Modernism: framing. 


Once considered almost as closely and as carefully as the painting itself, the usually delicately carved wooden frame was designed to perfectly compliment it’s bearer. Great time and effort were once afforded the creation of original, complimentary frames – a feature we now rarely consider seriously. Many modern paintings will not use frames at all, or as forgettable and generic a frame as possible, as a distracting detail. The reduction of everything to an inhuman, mundane simplicity has been a hallmark of our derailed culture.

And so, to be a real artist, remember framing is as important as any other stage of the work, and will hold and compliment the painting on any wall or in any scenario. It requires a traditional craftsman of course, as does everything good.