Degenerate Abramovic commits usual attention-seeking stupidity


Some more typical Modernist nonsense here. Metrosexual screams all day in an art gallery in Sweden to represent some inanity or other. Opportunist Modernist Abramović once again ‘challenges our preconceptions’ and gains attention and accolades from institutional con artists and communists. What goes on in the tiny minds of art establishment types and people who flock to this? What simple trick is it to tell a mediocre pretentious twiddle that they are great artists because they do stupid things? How easily the great mass of idiots are manipulated.

Link to article here

The performance is a part of the ‘Freeing series’ in which she tries to purify her body and mind and attempts to switch off her consciousness.

Abramović is of course the same performance art degenerate responsible for much of the pizzagate scandal. Typical of such morons her art comprises of her standing around naked or people screaming and generally doing random things which she doesn’t even bother wax about philosophically but insists the viewer interpret with faux intellectualism in a funny time-wasting game that excites no-talent ‘creatives’ the world over.