Engraved strike plate

Look at this, that is the part of the door that nobody ever sees, beautifully engraved just in case someone might catch a glimpse from time to time. Something like this – ethereal commitment to craft – is utterly alien to a Modernist, who despises equally decoration, belief, and humility.


Spring, John La Farge

John La Farge (1835 – 1910) was an American painter, muralist, stained glass window maker, decorator, and writer.


Trump as new Ontology

Trump may not have Hegel or Kant’s introspection, but his inability to not win makes him a metaphysical momentum unto himself. Could ancient forces be harnessing his ‘winners aren’t losers’ magic ontologically?


Correggio, Jupiter and Io

From Zeus let us begin; him do we mortals never leave unnamed; full of Zeus are all the streets and all the market-places of men; full is the sea and the havens thereof; always we all have need of Zeus. For we are also his offspring; and he in his…


Don’t watch porn

If you still watch easily accessible porn movies, test yourself and try going a month without them. I would dare you then to say you don’t feel improved. If anything is sacred it is the union of men and women. Women your gift of beauty is a deadly weapon, but…


Julius Evola’s Six Virtues of The Grail

  1. The Virtue of Light The Grail radiates a supernatural light in many legends. The Fisher King can light his path with it, and Galahad calls it “the wonder of wonders.” It fills Joseph of Arimathea with the Holy Spirit and makes his 42 years in jail seem like three days…