Spengler Man and Technics

Here is an interesting excerpt from the great (but depressing) Oswald Spengler, from his Man & Technics esssay: In reality, however, it is out of the power either of heads or of hands to alter in any way the destiny of machine-technics, for this has developed out of inward spiritual…

"Tauroctony" - Mithras slaying a bull. Pio Clementino Museum; Hall of Animals. Vatican Museums.

Julius Evola on the The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries

from “The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries” by Julius Evola l have already mentioned that the “bull” symbolizes the elementary life-force. It is to be identified with the Green Dragon of Alchemy, with tantric kundalini or with the Taoist “Dragon.” The disciplines which focus on breathing call this…


Aesthetics above class – Tradition above materialism

Two things occur repeatedly in my quest to spread traditionalism and reconstruct art standards. 1) Upon seeing an aesthetic picture of somebody well dressed, or a nice garden, house, castle, many people assume a class-envy stance of ‘this is all well and good for the wealthy’. 2) I muse about…


The Iliad book XI:84-162 Agamemnon cuts down the Trojans

All morning, as the sun rose higher, the missiles found their mark and warriors fell, but at the hour when a forester, weary of felling tall trees, tired and hungry, sits down to eat in some mountain glade, the Danaans rallying their comrades through the ranks, showed their valour, and…


A Visit from the Master

A visit from Jean-Léon Gérôme was a special occasion for students in the Ecole des Beaux Arts, occurring only once a week. When the master was not in attendance, the students harassed each other, dueled with mahl sticks, and joked around. On a typical morning, they went about their normal…


Don’t dress like a pleb

We are so immersed in Postmodernism that most people are utterly broken, not just in terms of æsthetics or taste, but in terms of true individual expression. Even otherwise tuned-in anti-Modernism people often fail notice what was plainly obvious to everyone not so very long ago. Watch a movie from the…


The Golden Ratio

A brief video I made about the Golden Ratio. The sound isn’t great, I need a proper microphone I think.

Working Title/Artist: Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)Department: Modern and Contemporary ArtCulture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: 11Working Date: 1950
Digital Photo File Name: DT1407.tif
Online Publications Edited By Steven Paneccasio for TOAH 2/13/14

Image blurry especially along left edge

Modern art cannot exist in the same world as traditional art

There is no foundation for modern art abstraction other than proving that the public will accept whatever you tell them to accept. After all the long years of Pollock’s and Picasso’s and Duchamp’s, a cursory Googling of contemporary art definitions lays bare this bizarre and poisonous foundation. A definition of…


Glasgow gets blight

Historic Glasgow is to be blighted by a Modernist ‘learning hub’ in expensive testimony to our uselessness. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/02/16/university-glasgow-gets-green-light-1-billion-expansion-project/ What kind of learning does Glasgow University intend to offer, what message are they giving in this statement to tastelessness? Yet another drab, meaningless, ho-hum, concrete and glass box, a monstrous flipping off to the…


How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

“It exists!” he cried. “No,” said O’Brien…. It does not exist. It never existed.” “But it did exist! It does exist! It exists in memory. I remember it. You remember it.” “I do not remember it,” said O’Brien. Winston’s heart sank. That was doublethink. Nobody has ever been able to…


Hail Day – Elder Edda, Sigrdrifumál

Hail day, hail the sons of day, hail to the night and daughter of night. With eyes of kindness look upon us and give to us who sit here victory. Hail the Aesir, hail Asynjur, hail to the all-giving earth. Fair speech and wisdom give to us famous ones and…


Ingres, secrets of the ennobling portrait

Nobody did neoclassical better than the French, in my humble opinion. And almost no French painter did it better than Ingres, despite the vast majority of his work being commissioned portraits. In his perfect, economical lines you can see the natural ennobling of each subject. The subtle choice of selecting…