Aesthetics above class – Tradition above materialism

Two things occur repeatedly in my quest to spread traditionalism and reconstruct art standards.

        1) Upon seeing an aesthetic picture of somebody well dressed, or a nice garden, house, castle, many people assume a class-envy stance of ‘this is all well and good for the wealthy’.
      2) I muse about the folly of disposable plastics, or the car/roads based infrastructure, and the ensuing oil-dependent society, and the general collapsing folly of our economy-religion. And there are complaints that traditionalism is ludditism and ‘I should be careful what I wish for’.

Number 1 can be answered completely with two postulations:

a) Aesthetic dress and presentation has nothing whatsoever to do with material wealth. It has everything to do with tasteful aesthetic itself. It can come in many forms, and in the example forms I use, the clothing can be collected second-hand or cheaply online. Deciding to take the aesthetic route is the first hurdle. Nothing good is promised to be easy. You can incidentally also be quite wealthy and pay a good bit for absolutely non-aesthetic, plastic, name brand, trendy, rags.

b) To view dress from a class or wealth envy stance (besides being uncomfortably Marxist) is if nothing else, inherently materialist. And by example I can show you virtually any footage of pre mid 20th century ruffians, street urchins, and ragamuffins dressed in three piece suits. I would guess that was what they wore all the time, but regardless an aesthtic was there.

As to number 2:

I don’t at all believe in the complete abandonment of technology, especially the useful ones that aren’t over-exploited and don’t hinge upon globalist expansion. I am a strong believer in space exploration and other worthy Faustian endeavours requiring high technology. I think we have been trapped in a ‘convenience culture’ based around technologies, such as combustion engine cars, that have not altered majorly for quite some time. We sort of lost our nerve and lapsed into a state of bovine complacency under expanding ‘liberal democracy’.

I believe our purely mammon-worshiping materialist worldview has it’s own lifespan, and it’s currently on its deathbed. Either we will rediscover a transcendent, healthy culture and dial things back – or the total collapse of this gelded, deracinating, polluting, civilization will do it for us.

It is ONLY the aesthetics and the reaction against Modernism that I am concerned with. Modernism is a philosophy of art, invented in the last century, that is a disaster. Before modernism virtually everything was aesthetic, including the simple and the rustic.