We are about the rejection of Modernism and the return of true art.

Modernism is an anti-art philosophy that began with the abstraction of Expressionism, specifically Kandinsky, supported by the newly invented ‘artspeak’ of Clement Greenberg. It is an obviously false doctrine that promotes nihilism, degradation, degeneracy, ugliness, and self-hate.

The root ethos of Modernism is ‘conveying art by non-traditional means’. The absurdity of this does not require explanation. At this late stage Modernists are running on fumes, not requiring explanation for their exploitative and culturally ruinous works. Our cityscapes are a blight, our galleries full of absurdities. Modernism was the vanguard cult of other cultural Marxist trends which are heightening in tandem to a final fruition, all aiming to deal a final death blow to ‘The West’.

But the West is finally biting back.

I have written several articles on the subject and I’m trying to complete a book.

Observe the ‘genius’ of Kandinsky, the first abstract painter.