Erasure of art in Parliament will be the first toll of the final bell

From a recent article on Breitbart regarding a proposed historical erasure and revision of art in the British Houses of Parliament.

If this actually goes ahead, it will be the first official, confident, dissipating step to topple and dismantle forever the nation and accomplishments of the white British men who created everything of note in that country and its parliament. It will be the monkeys taking over the zoo, to see historic master artworks removed by communist diversity quotas. To reshape it with ‘Modernism’, ugly portraits of foreigners and clueless feminists.

stephensFrom the article:

Labour MP and committee chairman Alison McGovern was moved to say of the discrepancy: “The art on the walls of the Houses of Parliament reflects the values and interests of the Victorians who commissioned it, and it tells a particular story about British history before the twentieth century.

“Unsurprisingly, it has long been noted that these artworks do not reflect either the modern or historic diversity of the UK’s population.

“The Works of Art Committee is committed to rectifying this by increasing, over time, the representation of women and ethnic minorities”.

I would like nothing more than to see a full list of names of  ministers in support of this idea. Anybody who still thinks you can have a nation without an identity, or that multiculturalism is a strength, is absolutely deluded.

Every achievement of those men will be lost forever, once you start down this road. As the last helmet-haired feminist politician, divorced utterly from causality, proudly destroys the final remaining bust of Robert Walpole or Alfred the Great, before an angry mob of savages loot the place and tear her, too, to pieces.

When even the remnant memory of those men is lost to revisionist communists and liberal idiots, and the entire art heritage disgraced by Modernism and diversity, it will be game over for good, as far as a nation is concerned. And frankly it will have been in no small part by their own women that these men and their achievements are disgraced. And not in some kind of final gender victory, but in a tremendous foolishness that will be good for nobody and a regret of a grandiose scale. This is late stage Orwellian, masked as soft-hearted naivety, and a looming mass destruction that will be the final stage of the gibbering idiot ‘multiculturalism’.

All will be lost if a disrespect of this magnitude is allowed to take place.