Aivazovsky seascapes – painting light

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 – 1900) was a Russian Romantic painter most well known for his seascapes, and atmospheric marine settings. Similar in many respects to the great master English landscape artist, J.M.W. Turner, Aivazovsky was a master of ‘painting atmosphere’ or ‘painting light’. A mystical, ethereal exaggeration of sunlight and moonlight were his trademark, glowing ardor over calm and stormy seas. His mastery of traditional skill allowed for his romantic imagination to imbue scenes with a natural fantasy. His work is both unique and memorable.

calm sea
Aivazovsky travelled and studied extensively in Europe before returning to Russia as main painter of the Russian Navy (under Tzar Nicholas I). He enjoyed state sponsored patronage and was extremely popular during his lifetime, both in Russia as well as Europe and the United States. No less than Anton Chekhov popularized the saying “worthy of Aivazovsky’s brush”.

stormy sea
Extremely prolific it is estimated that he created over 6,000 paintings. Romantic landscape paintings were rightly considered a mainstay for the worlds great painters, before Modernism destroyed standards. The level of labour and nurtured talent involved in reaching the levels men like Aivazovsky attained, which is a flawless technical skill utilized by a perfectionist and tasteful imagination (beyond reality), is not possible in our Modernist-controlled environment. People capable of this height of mastery require early, sustained, objective tutelage and a buyers market where order and standards are maintained. Not an industry where some pointless charlatan can make 40 million on an all-blue canvas and crushes the soul of all the hard workers and idealists.

sea castle
The existence and the popular proliferation of works like Aivazovsky’s are a sustained and irrefutable slap-in-the-face to Modernists and their Marxist anti-art ‘revolution’.

sea fire av4

Respect the masters – reject Modernism.